Why Sulfation can cause issues with your engine. Why Testing of of your oils is paramount so as to minmize the effects of sulfation.

In the engine chamber by-products formed during combustion by burning diesel fuel, water and sulphur oxides like SO2

What are the different test methods used in the testing of sulphur in oils?

Sulphur is used in lubricating oils as EP additive, Extreme Pressure additive mainly in gear oils. There are

Why Oxidation of Lube Oil is causing havoc in your machinery, What methods are used in the testing of Lube oil for Oxidation

Oxidation in lubricating oil occurs when water, air and catalytic particulates like iron and copper react and oxidize

What are the Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils? The test methods used to analyse foaming characteristics in the lab

What are the Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils? Foaming is an accumulation of small bubbles on the surface

Issues and Causes of Fuel Dilution and methods used to detect fuel dilution in the Laboratory

Fuel dilution of the lubricating oil can cause a host of problems to the operating system. As oil

Managing Total Acid Number (TAN) with respect to your Oils and how to manage excessive wear by regular analysis

Total Acid Number is an analytical test which determines the level of acidity in the oil and the

Understanding Flash Point Test and various test methods used to generate accurate results

The lowest temperature at which a volatile product becomes vapour or gas flammable when given a source of

What is Copper Strip Corrosion? The steps for conducting the test and various methods used

Copper Corrosion Test establishes the level at which a lubricant will corrode copper-containing materials (i.e., bronze, brass). The

What is API Gravity? How it is used to assess the worth and quality of crude oil and its various densities

The API gravity, or American Petroleum Institute gravity, is a measurement of how heavy or light a petroleum

What is Ash Content in Fuel Oil? And how the testing of Ash Content is conducted.

An essential criterion in measuring the quality of the fuel is its Ash content. It can be defined